10 Benefits of Good Back Posture

The back is one of the most important parts of the human body. It supports the upper half, houses the spinal cord, contains a large amount of lifting power, and facilitates movement. As such a vital part of the body, it’s important to take care of the back with good posture. Even the slightest slouch can begin to damage the back, and over time, poor posture can lead to negative health effects such as chronic back pain, constant fatigue, weakened muscles, and even spine misalignment.

Bad posture is usually because of a bad habit, and habits can usually be broken. By sitting up straight, sleeping with pillows for support, and enough practise with walking correctly, the problems caused by poor posture can be alleviated. Light yoga or exercise can also help train the body to stay in the correct position. Many people opt to use posture corrector braces to make the whole process easier and require less conscious effort to maintain. Once a person begins to correct their posture, numerous health benefits will appear to replace the negative effects from before.

1. Reduced Back Pain
Slouching and curling up cause the spine to bend and twist out of its natural shape. It also stretches the muscles and holds them in place in awkward positions. Together, the stress on the back can lead to aches and pains that last for longer than the slouch. With good posture, new back pain can be alleviated and chronic or lasting pain can lessen significantly over time.

2. Better Sleep
Though it may take a while to get used to sleeping in a position of good posture, it eventually will make both falling and staying in a comfortable sleep easier. The body will wake up feeling better and with less tension to start the day with. Additionally, practising good posture during the day will lessen any pain that could make it harder to sleep at night.

3. Easier Digestion
The human digestive tract is a sensitive set of organs that reacts to the smallest of changes. With proper posture, the ribcage will no longer be slouched over the stomach and compressing it into the rest of the organs. The digestive process will have much more freedom to work efficiently and effectively, reducing or even eliminating stomach and bowel problems.

4. Improved Breathing
With the back straight and shoulders relaxed, the lungs will have their full range of movement. Breathing deeply, evenly, and regularly will take less effort and strain from the body. This will make physical activity easier, allowing for more excercise or more efficient work.

5. Reduced Stress
Good posture can improve both physical and mental stress. As muscle tension grows from slouching or straining, mental tension can build up as well in response to the constant discomfort and pain it causes. By relaxing the back and reducing pain with better posture, pent up anxieties can also be sent away.

6. Better Concentration
With better sleep, health, comfort, and body efficiency, focus and concentration will be improved as well. The brain will no longer have to expend extra energy to make up for the subtle damages bad posture does to the entire body. It will instead be able to focus on the tasks at hand, raising efficiency and the work ethic up to new heights.

7. Keeps the Spine Straight
Striving for good posture isn’t just to fix already existing problems; it can help prevent or slow future ones as well. Over time, poor posture will bend the spine out of shape. Maintaining good posture will stop this by keeping it in it’s natural, comfortable curve.

8. Bone, Ligament, and Joint Health
The bones and muscles that hold up the upper body are under a lot of stress every day to do their jobs. Just going about a normal daily routine will wear them down over time. Twisting and slouching into unhealthy positions will place extra strain on them and worsen any damage done. Good posture can’t stop this process of degeneration completely, but it can significantly slow it down by reducing the stress and effort the tissues go through on a daily basis.

9. Prevents Serious Health Complications
If left uncorrected for long enough, poor posture can lead to far worse things than a sore back. It’s possible that the damage can be left long enough to develop pinched nerves, herniated discs, disjointed bones, arthritis, arthritis, depression, scoliosis, and other serious problems that may be permanent or require surgery to fix.

10. Attractiveness and Confidence
Good posture isn’t just about health benefits and disease prevention. It can also be a simple yet effective way of boosting someone’s image. Standing up straight makes a person look like they’re professional and put together, which will make others have more respect and positive opinions about them. Studies have also shown that good posture can also be a self-esteem booster and an action as simple as straightening one’s back can make a person’s confidence rise.

Maintaining good posture is important for both the body and the mind. Even people that don’t have any posture-related health problems should consider trying to fix theirs, whether to prevent any future complications or just to feel better about themselves. There are many different methods of going about this lifestyle change and each one will work differently for different people. For many people, starting up light exercise will train their bodies to hold a healthy position. Other people may see a chiropractor or massage therapist to get more personalized help, and for some it can be as simple as reminding themselves to straighten their backs and stop slouching until it becomes habit.

Another option is to purchase a Posture Corrector Brace . These are sets of straps and bands that are worn around the arms and back that help correct posture with gentle tension and comfortable elastic bands. While wearing one, if one begins to slouch or slump, the brace will pull just enough to be noticeable so the posture can be corrected back to what is correct and comfortable. A lot of people use these when they have busy lives or forgetful minds. Instead of struggling to find time to stretch or work out every day, a posture corrector will work constantly behind the scenes to keep the back and shoulders in the correct position. They also eliminate the need to keep remembering to straighten out with their subtle physical tension. With time, a posture corrector will make a straight back a natural and comfortable position to be in.

Whichever method is used, the end result will be nothing but positive for health and confidence both now and in the future.

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