25 Bizarre Guiness World Records

People love to know for example, what is the tallest building in the world, who ran the most kilometers in a day, which mother gave birth to most of children, and other interesting things. We wouldn’t be able to know those interesting facts if there weren’t the Guinness Book of World records. The great thing about Guinness Book of World Records is that it has to approve every alleged record. When Guinness Book of World Records approves record, then it is officially recognized as a world record only. Knowing some of the Guinness World Records is a great way to start a conversation or keep the conversation going.

What would make your conversation with someone even more interesting is knowing bizarre Guinness World Records. People love bizarre things and bizarre records. Many people do various bizarre and odd things just to have their name in the Guinness World of Records. In our list, we will deal with some of the oddest and most bizarre Guinness World Records. Some of the records featured here will make you laugh, while the others will make you wonder why people are doing some crazy things just to become famous. Let’s have a look at the 25 Bizarre Guinness World Records:

#25 – Fastest Time to Crush Three Watermelons With the Help of Thighs

You would love to have a woman called Olga Liashchuk to break your watermelons. Olga is a true watermelon expert. We are saying that because this woman was able to crush three large watermelons with the help of her thighs in only 14.65 seconds. Olga performed her record in front of the public in Milan, Italy.

Although this Olga’s record is interesting, it is at the same time a sad fact what people are ready to do in order to become famous around the globe. Just watch out not to make Olga mad because she could crush you with her strong thighs.