25 Coolest Hair Styles for Girls

#12 – Messy Side Ponytail with Pouf and Wavy Bangs

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In the wavy bangs hair style, girl’s hair comes to the front of the head so that it lies over the forehead or at the top of eyebrows with curls. In this style, girls make a low ponytail on the messy side at the back of her head. Girls need heat protectant spray, volumizing mousse, hair elastic, comb, hair brush and curling iron. To make this style, wash your hair and dry it with a heat protectant and volumizing mousse. Pick some parts of the hair and curl it with a curling iron and then gently run the brush through the hair to open them. Pull all hair to the back except bangs and tie it into a low ponytail at the back of your head. Pull the bangs in front of the head to give a pouf look. Finally, flip your ponytail over one shoulder.