25 Coolest Hair Styles for Girls

#22 – Smooth Semi-High Ponytail with Hair Wrap

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In ponytail hair style girls pull back all the traces of the head and tie it into a ponytail. This gorgeous hairstyle looks smooth, attractive and simple. To make pony style, girls need straightening iron, heat protectants spray, bobby pin, comb and light hairspray. The hair should be washed and dried with some heat protectants. To make this hairstyle, the hair should be straightened with a straightening iron, then comb it back and tie it into a ponytail at the back of your head. Now pick up the thin section of hair from the ponytail and wrapped it around the hair holding up your ponytail. Then protect the ponytail by inserting bobby pin around the hair and apply some hairspray moisturize it.