25 Coolest Hair Styles for Girls

#20 – Flowery Hairdo with Texture and Messy Finish

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Flowery hairdo looks very difficult to make, but it is very easy to finish. Flowery hair has different styles like a floral crown, side braid, spring braid and Dutch braid, etc. To do this hairstyle bobby pin, paddle brush, texturizing spray, curling iron, heat protectant spray and medium hairspray are needed. To style this hair, girls need to wash their hair and dry it with heat protectants and texturizing spray. Comb back the hair and curl it with a curling iron. Then divide the hair into two parts and tie them in the form of a ponytail on top of each other. Rotate the lower ponytail, roll into a bun and protect them with a bobby pin. Now take a strand of hair from the upper ponytail, roll into ringlet and pin. Then use medium hair hold spray to place in the desired position.