25 Coolest Hair Styles for Girls

#19 – Long Spiral Curls With Single Side Braid

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In this hairstyle, girls interlace three or more strand of hair to make long spiral curls on a single side. Single side braid makes girls face attractive and pretty. Girls need bobby pins, texturizing spray, blow dryer, hair curlers and strong hold hairspray to make this hair style. To make this style, the hair should be washed and wet with some texturizing spray. Holding certain inches of the hair and curling it with a hair curler. Now use a blow dryer to dry the hair so that it curls it on the curlers. Gently run the brush through your hair to remove the curler. Pick up lesser hair one side and make braid up to the top of your ear. Protect the braid with bobby pins and use strong hold hairspray to hold the curls to the position.