25 Exercises you shouldn’t miss while going to the Gym

#15 – Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

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One of most popular exercise for gamer is this that let each of your chest side expand and contract per rep.  This workout gym training willhit downthe chest like any awe-inspiring bench variation. But the main thing that makes it predominantlyawesome is that the other side has to lock down so the dumbbell must be not pull off the body out of bench. This end with making chest sculpts and force abs to get tough.

How to Do:Lay down with making back wider on a bench. Then hold a dumbbell in your left hand. Press the dumbbell straight up over the chest until the full arm muscle gets straight. Then slowlylay down the dumbbell to the left side of the chest so it make stretching feeling on the left chest muscle.

Take a pause just for a second and press it to initial position. Do repeat the rep on your left side and then do it for right side in the same way.