25 Exercises you shouldn’t miss while going to the Gym

#22 – Close Grip Bench Press

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One of hard chest exercise is close grip bench press. You can carry more weight with barbell as compare with dumbbells because barbells are more stable than dumbbells. That is why the barbell press in general generates more raw potency in your chest.

In order to keeping safe both shoulder, strength coach always recommends to use close grip. Put your hands wider then shoulder width.

Someone has said: “That is the most joint-pleasant barbell variant of the bench press, allowing human beings with shoulder issues to nevertheless achieve the blessings of urgent,”

How to do:  In order to does this use an overhand grip that should be little tapered than shoulder width. Then hold a barbell above your sternum with your arms straight. Keep lowering the bar to your chest then make a pause for one second and press the bar up and repeat over and over again.