25 Exercises you shouldn’t miss while going to the Gym

#21 – Chest Squeeze Pushup

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Chest squeezing pushup is one of hardest chest exercises. This exercise wants you to squeeze a pair of dumbbells with each other when doing a pushup as shown in image.

Some trainers says that: “The squeezing motion creates a stimulus that without a doubt fires up the muscle fibers in your chest”.

How to do: Carry two dumbbells strongly next to each other in such a way that they must be touching each other with their handles are in parallel position as shown in image. Assume a position of standard pushup, holding a dumbbell firmly handle with each hand. Both arms must be straight and the body must make a straight line from both ankles to head.

Vigorously presses the weights all together lowering the body until chest nearly get very close to the dumbbell then thrust your body back up and do again. It is hard so never do “squeezing” the dumbbells together.