25 Harmful Foods for Your Health

From the beginning of time, food is a necessity for survival of human beings, animals, insects, and other types of living creatures. Food varies in for all types of creatures. Eating habits of creatures differ from each other. But nowadays is the scenario were different variety of food now is available e.g. fast foods, Vegetables, fruits, snacks, meats, beverages etc. In the ancient times, when technology was not invented yet, human beings fulfill their hunger with fruits hunting of animals.With the passage of time nowadays, person have so much facilities to make a delicious ready meal for them in a short period of time.

It’s impossible to survive without food but some foods are very harmful to our body which we need to be aware of. What they are? And how do they affect our health ? Listed below are some of the food that include dangerous chemicals and hydrogenated fats which later results in diabetes, heart attack, stomach pain, high blood pressure, obesity, chronic pain and many other diseases.

#25- Salad Dressings

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This increases the calorie in the body, as well as the fat, curb, and cholesterol.