25 High Nutrition Vegetables

Vegetables are the gift of nature. They are good for the health as they also help to prevent body from diseases. Vegetables can be eaten in cooked or uncooked form as they plays important role in human nutrition , being mostly very high in vitamins fibers and other minerals but low in fats and carbohydrates.

Vegetables are important protective food because they play an important role in the maintenance of health and increase the body immunity system. They make white blood cells strong that enhance body immunity. In this article there are 25 different high nutrient vegetables that are very important for health and you shouldn’t miss such veggies which are important for health growth.

#25 – Artichokes – One medium (60 calories, 0 gram fat):

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Artichokes are the flower like vegetable that plays an important role as a healthy diet. The part of artichokes plant that can be eaten consist of the flower buds before the flowers flourishes. The growing artichoke (head of flower) is a huddle of many growing small flowers together with many modified leaves, seems able to be eaten. The structure changes into a complete coarse once the bud blooms completely. They exist in wild form as shown in picture which seems artichoke are variety of thistle cultivated.

In addition to their high fiber content (6 grams), artichokes contain element called flavonoid. As per medical research flavonoid plays an important role that has been shown to reduce skin cancer.