25 High Nutrition Vegetables

#12 – Onions – One and Half cup, chopped (30 calories, 0 gram fat):

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Onion also known as the bulb onion or common onion is the most widely cultivated species all around the world. The onion plant has a buff of hollow and sort of blue green leaves having bulb like structre at the base of the plant begins to enlarge when a certain time-day is reached. They are used worldwide in many purposes. In Asia there are 90% of dishes that are incomplete without onion. They are rich with natural resources.

Most onion varieties are about 90% water, 3% sugar, 1-2% protein, 2-3% fibre, and 0.2% fat. Onions contains low amount of some essential nutrients so are low in fats. They have energy value of 166 Kilo Joules per 100 g. They’re important They can be used in many ways medically also they keep heart healthy as they contain element organosulphur that is also found in garlic.