25 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a beautiful woman. Every woman is beautiful in some way, but there are certain women that are more beautiful than beautiful. Those women we call models and supermodels. They take the breath away of many men in this world. However, although all of the female models are hot, there are certain female models that are hotter than hot.

Those women we can describe as being hotter than hot are Victoria’s Secret models. Not every female model can be at the same time Victoria’s Secret model. That title only belongs to female models of extraordinary beauty and sexiness. Only a handful of carefully picked female models get the call to pose for Victoria’s Secret and be their model. But, even among the Victoria’s Secret models there are hot and hotter models. In our list, we will feature those Victoria’s Secret models that are hotter than hot Victoria’s Secret models. In a nutshell, we will feature the hottest Victoria’s Secret models that make every man’s heart beat faster. The biggest delight to men is watching annual Victoria’s Secret show which is at the end of every year. Let’ have a look at 25 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models:

#25 – Karolina Kurkova

They say that the most beautiful European girls come from Central Europe. This Czech beauty approves that fact. Karolina was born on 28th of February 1984 in the former Czechoslovakia.

One of the most appreciated fashion photographers in the world Mario Testino told about Karolina that she is the best female model. He also said that among hundreds of beautiful models he had photographed, Karolina has the most ideal face proportions. Karolina had started her career at Victoria’s Secret in 2005, when she became the brand’s so-called Angel.