25 Important Changes Donald Trump Will Make

On the shock of many American people Donald Trump won the 2016 American Presidential Elections although his counter candidate Hillary Clinton had more votes. Although the general elections aren’t conclusive because after them the Electoral College of the United States has to give its votes, many people think that Trump will become the next US president. Most people are afraid that Trump’s governance over the United States will do more bad than good. Even the current President Obama worries about Donald Trump’s tenure.

Whether you hate Donald or not, during his presidential campaign he had promised several positive changes which he will do during his tenure. In our list, we’ll feature some of the positive changes Donald Trump plans to make about the USA. We must admit that some of the changes featured here are a bit racist or nationalistic, but no offense is intended, and all of them are Trump’s proposals. For those of you who can’t stand Donald, we can only recommend them to remain patient until the next elections. For those who are glad Donald is going to be the new president we advise celebrating it and enjoy his tenure over the United States. Let’s have a look at 25 Important Changes Donald Trump Will Make:

#25 – He will Build a Wall on Mexico Border


During his presidential run, Trump had announced that during his reign he will build a great and massive wall on the American-Mexican border. He said that the purpose of the wall will be to prevent the entry of illegal Mexican immigrants.

And most surprisingly, he said that the state of Mexico will pay every cent for building the wall. However, if Donald builds that wall that would be a good thing because it will prevent the rate of illegal immigrants entering the United States.