25 Magic Tricks you should Try at Home

The word magic originates from Greek word ‘mageia’ which means wizardry, enchantment, fascination and glamour. The term magic is stated as the use of supernatural forces, influence or powers for apparently impossible events by performing special actions or saying certain words to entertain people. The person who performs the magic is called magician. Magician follows the maxim “To Dare, To Know, To Will and To Keep Silent”. Magic is the art and science of control of secret forces of nature or it is the comprehensive knowledge of nature.

Magic follows the principle of “As Above, So Below” this means that which is happen on spiritual level also happens on the physical level. To do an effective magic, one should need to be perfect in imaginative or visualization skill and practice your brain to think or percept in different way. Magic follows different laws like cause and effect, it works in silence, thoughts and emotions are the voices of spirits etc. Magic has following three basic elements are Desire, Form and Manifestation.

In other words magic is the sleight of hand or illusion to do impossible happenings. All people born with the natural ability to do magic but this all depends upon desire to learn and practice. The hidden thought behind all this is to create change the energies of the nature. All things of the nature made up of atoms, sub atoms and energy exist in them. These atoms joined with the threads of energy. Now magic is basically the control and manage these threads of energy according to need. Magic permit you to change these threads of energy cause effect to happen within our physical plane. In single line we say that altering the material world causes changes into energy reality.

#25 – Optical Illusion: Coin disappears under the transparent glass

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The magician will show the audience how a coin disappears under the transparent glass. Magician need to show the coin to the audience and then place it on the cardboard. Transparent drinking glass is already placed on the cardboard. The magician covers the glass with the piece of cloth and moves the glass until it over the coin. When piece of cloth is removed, coin disappears suddenly. Items required for this magic are cardboard, transparent glass, a coin, scissors, glue and a piece of cloth.

 The secret of this magic is to cut the circular piece of cardboard of the same color as it placed on the table. This circular piece of cardboard is glued it on the top of the drinking glass. So when the magician places the glass on the coin no one can see this coin. It is necessary to note that piece of cloth is used to cover glass because when magician moves the glass no one see the cardboard place on the top of the glass.