25 Most Corrupt Leaders in the World

Corruption is the problem humanity faces since the beginning of time. There is probably nothing more morally awful after killing a human being than being corrupt. The saddest part about corruption is that it is nowadays at its highest levels since human kind began to exist. Corruption is like a disease that is present in all of the mankind. By definition, corruption is an unethical conduct performed by a person which was entrusted an authoritarian position for acquiring personal benefits.

Although we have said that corruption is present in all of the pores of society, even among the ordinary people, the highest rate of corruption is among the world leaders and government officials. It is very sad what a politician to whom people gave their vote and trust is ready to do for acquiring benefits in terms of money. Most of today’s politicians, presidents, and former presidents have a criminal record due to corruption or other unethical acts. In this list, we will feature some of the most corrupt politicians, former politicians, presidents, former presidents, and government officials around the world. You will be surprised with how can foul the world politicians can be. Let’s have a look at 25 Most Corrupt Leaders in the World:

#25 – Alberto Fujimori – President of Peru (former)


The birthplace of this Peruvian politician and the former President of Peru is 28th of July 1938. His birthplace is Lima, Peru. He held tenure over Peru from 1990 to 2000. Peruvian people say that the period during which Alberto Fujimori had ruled Peru was the best periods in the country’s history. However, people of Peru still aren’t aware of the fact what a criminal Alberto Fujimori was.

He was accused of 21 criminal acts, including corruption and political responsibility for slaughtering 25 people. This unethical former Peruvian president got a sentence of 25 years in jail for crimes against humanity and corruption.