25 Most Corrupt Leaders in the World

#24 – Pavlo Lazarenko – Prime Minister of Ukraine (former)


This Ukrainian-born politician’s date of birth is 23rd of January 1953. The birthplace of Pavlo Lazarenko is a small village in Ukraine called Karpivka.

He got the title Prime Minister of Ukraine on 28th of May 1996. During his reign as a Prime Minister, several unsuccessful murder attempts of Pavlo Lazarenko happened. He served as the Premier of Ukraine for only one year until he got arrested in Switzerland for money laundering in 1997. However, after Pavlo’s imprisonment which followed up after his arrest in Switzerland, he was released as he paid the bail. However, Pavlo couldn’t escape the justice and he was once again arrested in the United States. He got out of the jail in the United States, but now lives as a broken man although he once had over $20 million of looted Ukrainian money in possession.