25 Most Difficult Languages to Learn

What you are reading right now is in the English language. That language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and one of the main second languages taught at schools around the world. Besides the English language, there are also several other worldwide popular and widely spoken languages in the world. Those languages are Arabic language, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. These languages are also taught as a second language in many schools in the world. The reason why the before mentioned world languages are a subject in many schools is because they are international languages and easy to learn. People say that how many languages you know that much your worth is. The men and women who can speak more than two international languages are called polyglots. There are also several talented people who can speak more than 5 world languages. Learning a new language is always a pleasurable experience and worth everyone’s time. When a person learns a new language, many doors are open for it. For example, job seekers who speak more than two languages are more likely to get a job. Knowing an international language gives the opportunity to unemployed people to work as freelance writers and translators.

Although knowing and learning several languages is always good, you wouldn’t like your child to learn Amharic or Navajo language at school. Those languages are pretty hard to learn. In a nutshell, any language is either easy or hard to learn. What affects whether a language is easy or hard is the grammar of that language, phonetics, phonology, and other linguistic aspects. In this list, we will deal with some of the hardest languages to learn in the world. Some of the languages featured on our list are even hard to their native speakers. Some languages we will talk about today are so complex that even their native speakers learn them every day. Let’s have a look at languages you wouldn’t like your child to have as a subject. These are the 25 Most Difficult Languages to Learn:

#25 – Tagalog

This language is the official language of the Asian country the Philippines. People from Malaysian district of Semporna speak it too. This language has its roots in the Filipino language. Today, more than 28 million people speak this language. People in Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United States also do speak Tagalog.

This language is very hard to learn due to its complicated accent system, complex dialects, and complex verb tenses.