25 Most Expensive Universities in the World

Education is the single most important thing in this world. Think about it and why is it so. For example, you wouldn’t have the ability to read this text if you didn’t go to school. You wouldn’t be able to read all of the magnificent quotes and awesome books if you didn’t educate yourself. You couldn’t do the basic numeracy without education. People wouldn’t know what is good and what is wrong without education. There are basically three levels of education – primary, secondary, and high education. Without the primary education, one wouldn’t be able to cope in today’s modern world. In many countries, going to an elementary or primary school is a must. High school and university education are optional in almost every country, but elementary school is a must.

The highest level of education is nothing more than university education. There are over a thousand universities in the world, where you can study various subject at those universities’ faculties. Most of the universities in the world offer free education to its students. However, there are certain universities that have a yearly tuition. That is basically the price of education at a particular university. Some students even borrow money or take student loans so they could pay their tuition. Although some universities are really expensive, the education they offer you will last for a lifetime and it will make you find a job in no time. Education is worth every cent paid for it, if it isn’t free. In our list, we will feature some of the most expensive universities in the world. Most or almost all universities on our list are from the United States. The value shown next to the name of the universities featured here represents that university’s yearly tuition. Let’s have a look at the 25 Most Expensive Universities in the World:

#25 – Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute – Troy, NY – $36,374


This university whose whereabouts is in the city called Troy in the New York State boasts with being America’s oldest technological research university.

At this university, you can study five different subjects – Engineering, Architecture, Science, Social Sciences, and Management. This New York’s State university saw its foundation in 1824. If you plan to study at this particular university, keep in mind that you can get 140 degrees from more than 60 study fields.