25 Speedy Vehicles in the World

#13 – Zenvo ST1 (233 mph)

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Zenvo ST1 belongs to the class of super car. It is manufactured by Danish company Zenvo and assembled in Zealand (Denmark). Zenvo Company starts production in 2009. Designer of this car are Christian Brandt and Jesper Hermann. Fastest speed of this car is 233 miles per hour. Accelerating times during varying speed from 0-100 and 0-200 km/h remain under 3 and 8.9 seconds respectively. This car uses 7L turbocharged and supercharged engine. Body style of this car is 2-door coupe and MR layout. Length, width and height of this car are 183.7, 80.4 and 47.2 inches respectively. It has curb weight of 1688 kg.