25 Speedy Vehicles in the World

#11 – McLaren F1 (241 mph)

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McLaren F1 belongs to a class of sports car. This car manufactured by McLaren Automotive and assembled in Surrey (England). This company produces 106 cars during 1992 to 1999. Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens is the designer of this car. Successor of this car is McLaren P1. This car has two door coupe body styles. This car has top rated speed of 241 miles per hour and set the record of fastest car in the world. Body made up of carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque chassis structure. These cars contain 6.1 L BMW/W S70/2 V12 engine. Length, width and height of this model are 168.8, 71.7 and 44.9 inches respectively. It has a curb weight of 1138 kg.