25 Ways to keep your Girl friend Happy

It is said that women are very hard to understand and are also hard to figure out because of their mind. Then what do girls really need to make them happy in a relationship? A survey was carried out on girls to know what they want, about 98% of girls are said to have the same demand, it is said that it is in their nature to be loving and affectionate, so when girls are in a relationship with an ideal person from their point of view they must be treated special. But due to various reasons, most guys are unaware of everything like this. A guy just doesn’t know how to treat his girlfriend specially, even if he’s trying his best to please her.

So, making your girlfriend feel happy or loved isn’t a complicated issue. In reality, it is the simplest thing in our common life. All you need is to make her feel special and cared for whenever you are around her. If a person wants to make his relationship to perfect and may be to be envy by other couples that may get jealous or be inspire by them, then start thinking from your girlfriend’s perspective. When both lovers are in a relationship and thinking from their partner’s point of view or ideology, then the relationship will not only get better but also get loving with time.
Here are 25 tips that are not a rule of any book but are to help keep your girlfriend happy and make your relationship last longer:

#25 – Give her Memorable Surprises:

Life is full of occasions, giving your girlfriend random surprise on occasions can make her love you more. Ensure you always remember your better half’s extraordinary events, however insignificantly they may appear to you. Furthermore, from time to time, demonstrate how much you cherish her by giving her an endowment of affection, be it a baling thing or an invaluable blessing like a letter of adoration.